Choosing best Golang IDE for development

Choosing best Golang IDE for development

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an interface that facilitates development of any application. Typically an IDE include Code Editor, Compiler, Debugger and Build automation tools. If IDEs are not available, a developer will have to do development, deployment and integrations separately. An IDE makes developers life easy and certainly increase productivity.

Here is the list of widely used IDEs across the globe:

  • Visual Studio
  • NetBeans
  • PyCharm
  • Intellij IDEA
  • Eclips
  • Code Blocks
  • Xcode

Now coming back to Golang, as such Go is not dependent on any specific IDE. Golang’s libraries and language is works well with most of the commonly used IDES, either directly or via a 3 rd part plug-ins. Here is the list of few commonly used IDEs while developing applications using Golang:

  • GoLAND
  • LiteIDE
  • VSCode
  • Eclipse
  • Sublime


Its one of the most advanced IDE for Golang. It includes code refactoring tools and can generate code as well. It has a very good error detection and suggestion mechanism. Goland also provides very good tools for debugging and performance testing. It is not free and has a paid version post trial period.

LiteIDE – 

This one is official IDE for Go from Google itself. Distinct features include debug mode/sandbox mode and as name suggests is very lite on computer resources. This is free to download and use.

VSCode –

VSCode come from Microsoft and is one of the very popular IDE amongst Go developers. It is free and comes with all the bells and whistles which makes it favourite of developers. Apart from common features that other IDE’s have. It is also able to run Go server.

Eclipse –

This is one of the oldest IDE’s with plugin support for Golang with ability to set breakpoints for debugging purposes. It has both paid and free versions. It is feature rich but at the same time is pretty heavy on computer resources as well.

Sublime –

It’s light and has tons of features but at the same time it has an irritating popup which reminds developers to buy license which sort of work to its disadvantage and this is where vscode excels.

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