Minimum Viable product (MVP) is the product built with few must have features to start gaining customers traction. Developing MVP is always a good idea to validate your product and see how market is responding to it. Most of the start-up builds MVP to get investors as well. Now there are many cool programming languages are available in the market to build MVP. Since inception of Golang, it is becoming a preferred choice to build MVP.

Gophers works very closely with entrepreneurs, and help them to build MVP using Golang. So far we have developed 20+ MVPs using Golang programming. Few of the MVPs developed by us using Golang have grown a lot and now in the process of making them large products.

Why Gophers for Start-ups:

  • Experience in quickly build MVPs and PoCs
  • Quick response for changes
  • Full Stack development capabilities to deliver more with small teams
  • Agile and LEAN mindset
  • Own the product rather being an offshore vendor
  • In-house DevOps and Design capabilities

Few benefits of using Golang for your MVP:

  • Easy to learn
  • Simple coding
  • Scalability
  • Keeps the bugs away
  • Easy maintenance
  • Concurrency