Enterprise Software Company, USA

Global Streaming Site, Singapore

Business Intelligence App, New Zealand

Enhanced Cloud Optimization Solution & ARM Software

Modernized Legacy Microservices For The Streaming Site

Redeveloped The Application in Golang & Enabled Newer Integrations

Designed & implemented new services for the platforms in Golang Improved application scalability, stability & performance Modernized & ported critical components from legacy systems As a result, the client increased their customers’ savings on cloud and made the platforms & processes faster.

Redeveloped legacy microservices in Golang for clean & maintainable code Reduced resource requirements & operational costs for new development Created API documentation to help the client understand the product better The implemented solution helped the client to add more features with ease, save resources & simplify testing.

Redeveloped the backend in Golang for faster communication & loading Integrated database with the app Implemented 20 new ETL domains Gophers Lab helped the client cater to more customers and provide them with a wider & richer data set.

A Glimpse At Our Work

A Glimpse At Our Work

A Glimpse At Our Work

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