Benefits of Golang Offshore Development Center

Benefits of Golang Offshore Development Center

In a very simple language, Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a software development unit, located in a country where companies can find a large pool of software developers at lower cost. Choice of country for setting up offshore development center depends on multiple facts including but not limited to:

  • Volume of Resources
  • Skills of Resources
  • Speaking Languages
  • Regional Regulations and Laws
  • Cost Benefits
  • Time Saving

Setting up offshore development center in India has been a first choice of large global companies. In last few years, we have also seen an increased numbers of offshore development centers in Ukraine, Phillippines, Sri Lanka, Poland, Russia etc.

Benefits of setting up offshore development center in India:

  • Less Infrastructure Cost
  • High Availability of Skilled Developers
  • Resources Available at Lower Salaries
  • Market Maturity
  • Flexible Governing Policies

If we look at global trends, Golang is gaining lots of popularity and getting great adoption at start-ups and enterprises. Golang is comparatively new programming language so we do not have a very large pool of Golang developers in any specific geography. With less availability of Golang developers, it is getting difficult to build a big and great team of Go developer.

India is showing a very good increase in Golang adoption and that is why we have many Golang development services companies in India. Even within India, many companies are building large Golang development teams as well.

Benefits of setting up offshore Golang development center in India:

  • In India, we have many Golang early adopters
  • A large pool of Golang community contributors
  • Many Golang development services company
  • Salaries of Golang developers is lower than as in many counties
  • Possibility to quickly scale up and scale down the team
  • Many Golang training institutes

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