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If you are passionate about digital technology and have the skills we need on our team, we would love for you to join us. Let’s work together and build something meaningful.

Golang Developer

Experience : 4+ Years
Location : Remote / Noida

MERN Developer / Lead

Experience : 5+ Years
Location : Noida

SEO Content Writer

Experience : 1 to 4 Years
Location : Noida

Inside Sales Specialist

Experience : 1 to 5 Years
Location : Noida

Our Core Values

We have a set of shared values that make us who we are and help us stay aligned as a team. We call them our Core Values, and they form the foundation of our being.

Responsible Freedom

We trust our people to take ownership of delivering on time and getting results. Hence, we have an autonomous way of working. Freedom to work at one’s own pace and in one’s own style is empowering and fulfilling and makes people feel more satisfied professionally. It also lets our people harmonize their work and life to strike a healthy balance.

Collaboration & Support

In a team, people have different roles to play in completing the big picture. We discuss and evaluate the possible routes and choose one that best suits the business, our clients, and our people. It helps our teams be on the same page and build a culture wherein decisions are made based on reasoning rather than politics or bias, and our people back each other.

Pursuit of Excellence

We are always looking for better ways of doing things and doing things better. For that, we are continuously learning and upgrading our knowledge and skills. We believe in challenging the status quo and walking that extra mile to achieve our goals. This value of ours pushes us to set higher benchmarks for ourselves and meet and exceed customer expectations.

Respect for Everyone

Experiences shape people’s personalities, thought processes, and journeys. They help bring multiple perspectives to work, improving decision-making and business outcomes. However, they can also bring the possibility of conflict. We must respect people and their views and decisions under all circumstances and regardless of factors like designation, age, etc.

Life @Gophers Lab

Fun at work is key to the happiness and fulfillment of our team and helps us become more productive and collaborative. We plan and organize activities, such as game events, outings and offsites, and celebrations, and make humor and laughter a part of our everyday.

Knowledge-based Ecosystem

Fortnightly Knowledge-
Sharing Sessions
to learn
from each other

Lateral Boot Camps to help
our people migrate from
one tech to another

Multi-tech Hackathons
to sharpen communication
& project management skills

A platform to complete
Certifications to gain
credibility at work

Contributions to Tech
to help learn
& build a personal brand

Participation opportunities at
Global Conferences to gain
knowledge & network

Meet Our People

My colleagues have helped me shape my career. We stop at nothing short of the latest and the greatest. It’s wonderful to be in an environment where everyone is keen on exploring and growing together. There is respect for your time and suggestions, and I appreciate the work-life balance. The culture at Gophers Lab is vibrant, energetic, challenging, and motivating.

Viknesh M Technology Lead- Golang

I started my journey with Gophers Lab as a fresher about a year ago. The company has helped me learn, grow, and gain confidence in my knowledge & skills. I was put on live projects early on, which is the best thing a fresher could ask for, and I feel blessed. Asking questions is encouraged. People are very approachable & friendly, and the work environment is comfortable.

Siddharth Jain Software Engineer- FEEN

I had never worked in a corporate environment before and joined as a fresher. The change from college to job is quite overwhelming for everyone. However, my team is very supportive and friendly, and they helped me make the transition with ease. Gophers Lab cares about its people. The learning opportunities here are helping me become a better developer.

Bipen Chandra Adhikari Trainee- Golang

Gophers Lab provides you with the best of both worlds- great professional growth while prioritizing health and family. The team has very strong technical knowledge and knowledge-sharing culture. People are always willing to help each other out. There is no micromanagement; we take ownership of our work. It is an excellent place to work for those seeking a healthy work-life balance.

Sakthi Chandrasekaran Technology Lead- Golang
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