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Next.js is a React framework for single-page JavaScript applications and static websites. It is ideal for cases where you require frequent content changes or there is a large user base with real-time publishing requirements. Businesses can use this framework for large multi-user websites, client-side rendering applications, e-Commerce websites, and web portals. Some leading companies, including Netflix, TikTok, Uber, Twitch, Binance, and Starbucks, use Next.js for their products and apps.

Our highly-skilled front-end developers provide end-to-end Next.js services for fast, scalable, high-performance apps and sites. We understand your business problem and provide you with suitable solutions. We have helped businesses across industries and sizes to meet their specific business needs using Next.js. You can hire our proficient Node.js developers or outsource your projects to us.

Benefits Of Choosing Next.js

Server-side Rendering

Quick loading time & better technical SEO

Automatic Code Splitting

Loads JS & CSS only as required for faster loading

Built-in CSS Support

Allows import of CSS files from JavaScript file

Hot Module Replacement

Less development time & more efficiency

SSR-SSG Hybrid

Pre-render pages at build time or request time

Incremental Static Generation

Makes static content appear dynamic

Supports AVIF images

Image optimization, 20% smaller images than WebP

Our Next.js Development Services Offerings

next.js team augmentation
Next.js Team Augmentation

Our team of Next.js developers works with you on flexible hiring models, helping you seamlessly extend your team to suit your project needs.

next.js migration & upgradation
Next.js Migration & Upgradation

We help you quickly, efficiently, and securely move your code to the latest version of Next.js to help you meet your business requirements.

next.js application development
Next.js Application Development

Leverage our expertise in Next.js and other cutting-edge tools & technologies to build applications & websites that are lighter and faster.

offsource next.js application development
Support & Maintenance Services

We offer you support & maintenance services to help you consistently achieve high performance even after your project is delivered and live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Next.js is an open-source framework. However, it is free of charge only for non-commercial use. Businesses need to buy Pro or Enterprise licenses for business use. However, it comes with many benefits; hence, you can explore it to build your Next.js applications.

    You can outsource Next.js Development Services or hire Next.js to build the following applications:

  • Multi-user websites
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
  • Client-side rendering applications
  • eCommerce websites
  • Social media networks
  • Dynamic or static websites

Yes. Server-side rendering in Next.js helps create more indexable and SEO-friendly applications and websites.

No, Next.js is a full-stack development framework, which means that it allows client-side and server-side content rendering.

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