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Upgraded a leading data control platform by updating the existing app integrations and adding 100+ new ones

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A leading data control platform that enables businesses to leverage user data better while meeting compliance requirements was looking to upgrade its product. The platform’s dashboard has integrations that allow end-users to manage their data and permissions on various applications in a single place. Gophers Lab helped the client onboard new businesses and platforms as clients by performing over 100 new integrations. Additionally, the team removed flow gaps in the existing applications. They also built new features, allowing users to manage cookies & permissions and add multiple applications in a single flow to perform their manipulations.

About The Customer

This US-based data control platform enables businesses & platforms to reduce the cost & complexity of privacy operations and mobilize responsibly gathered data.

Customer Challenges

This data control platform wanted to upgrade the existing product to grow its business. It was looking to onboard new companies & applications and gain more end-users. The client was faced with the following challenges in its way:

  • The apps integrated into the platform’s dashboard updated their versions/APIs from time to time or changed their integration pattern. For instance, Authorization integration was updated from Basic to OAuth 1 or OAuth 2; as a result, updates/changes also needed to be made in the platform to maintain the existing flow
  • To integrate any new application with the platform dashboard, the client had to connect with the application’s support teams or go through the official documents; this was a time-consuming and cumbersome step for their in-house team
  • They also wanted the product to manage web cookies and consent/permissions, a feature allowing users to access and customize data permissions
  • They were also looking to reduce the time taken for users to access or delete their data by allowing multiple applications to be manipulated in a single flow

Solution Implemented

The platform chose to work with Gophers Lab to leverage its expertise in Golang and upgrade the product. Below is the solution provided by Gophers Lab:

  • Checked the code for gaps in the flow and then went through the official documentation of the existing applications to verify any updates in API, permissions, or authentication, and then updated the code accordingly
  • Integrated over a hundred new applications, including Acquia, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, Pardot, Alchemy, Google Analytics, and Segment, with the platform’s dashboard
  • Connected with developers working with these applications and popular tag managers, such as Rudderstack and Tealium, to get clarity on how to achieve customer goals
  • Integrated Google Tag Manager, Rudderstack, and Tealium for cookies and consent management
  • Created documentation for every new application & tag manager integration to enable the client to understand the flow and addressed their queries around the same on call
  • Enabled the users to add multiple applications in a single flow for accessing or deleting their data instead of having them go to the apps one by one and do their manipulations individually

Technology Stack

Golang, PHP










Git, Jira, Notion, Temporal, Fastly

Business Results

The solution implemented by Gophers Lab enabled the client to achieve the following results:

  • Integrated over a hundred new applications, allowing the businesses to leverage user data while meeting all the necessary compliances
  • Enabled the platform users to have better control over their data and permission on the integrated applications
  • Made the old code maintainable by fixing existing bugs and creating documentation for every integration
  • Decreased time to process user requests by allowing the user to add and manipulate multiple applications in a single flow, thereby also allowing the client to reduce their costs

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Integrated over a hundred new applications with the platform’s dashboard Updated the code for the existing integrations to match the updates/changes in the apps Added a new feature to allow users to manage web cookies and permissions Enabled the end-user to add multiple applications in a single flow and manipulate their data & permissions

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