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We provide end-to-end Cloud Consulting Services to help you enhance your business by leveraging cloud. Our cloud consulting team has vast experience working on GCP, AWS & Azure and consists of certified cloud architects and engineers, enabling us to help you make the best choices on the cloud for your business. Our Cloud Consulting Services involve cloud assessment, transformation planning, and optimization.

Additionally, we help you execute your cloud strategy and plan. We provide Cloud Migration Services to migrate from on-prem to the cloud or from one cloud setup to another. Our Cloud Managed Services, as the name suggests, help you to monitor, manage, and optimize your infrastructure. Further, our Cloud Optimization Services enable you to optimize your cloud performance, scalability, and costs. You can outsource your project or hire Cloud & DevOps experts at any stage in your cloud journey.

Our Cloud Consulting Offerings

Cloud Assessment Services
Cloud Consulting Services

We help you assess and analyze your existing cloud infrastructure & setup to identify potential issues and improvement areas. Our services enable you to achieve maximum benefits from the cloud at any point in the cloud journey.

Cloud Strategy Consulting
Cloud Strategy Consulting

Our cloud experts understand your business requirements and formulate a cloud strategy to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are at the cloud adoption stage or planning to enhance its benefits, we can help.

Cloud Transformation Roadmap
Cloud Transformation Roadmap

We create a detailed stepwise plan for your cloud migration or cloud transformation so you can go right into execution. We help you select a cloud platform, plan architecture, identify the right tools, automate deployments, etc.

Cloud Capacity Planning Services
Cloud Capacity Planning Services

We measure your existing workload capacity and analyze your performance & demand. Our team provisions and allocates cloud resources based on this predicted demand to deliver high performance and availability.

Cloud Cost Forecasting Services
Cloud Cost Forecasting Services

We forecast your spending on cloud based on historical data and future needs for better business & financial planning. Further, we provide you with Cloud Optimization Services to help you reduce your cloud costs.

Cloud Security & Risk Management
Cloud Security & Risk Management

We follow a proactive approach towards identifying, assessing, preventing & mitigating threats rather than being reactive. We help you prevent data breaches, maintain availability and meet compliances.

Our Cloud Expertise

Our expertise on all major cloud platforms, including GCP, AWS, and Azure, enables us to help you make the best decisions for your business.

google cloud expertise

Google Cloud

aws migration services

Amazon Web Services

azure cloud expertise

Microsoft Azure

Why Choose Our Cloud Consulting Services

Expertise on all major cloud platforms

GCP, AWS & Azure certified architects & engineers

GCP Premium Partners

Latest & best tools & technologies

Industry best practices in Cloud & DevOps

Specialization in Golang & DevOps

Benefits of Cloud Consulting

Reduced cloud migration costs
Reliable cloud architecture
Optimized spending on cloud
Better security and compliance on cloud
Faster development through automation
Enhanced performance and high availability

Our Cloud & DevOps Toolkit


kubernetes technology
docker technology
amazon ecs
azure kubernetes services
amazon eks
helm technology
google cloud run
azure container instance


docker configuration services
ansible configuration services
chef devops services
puppet services
terraform configuration
aws cloudformation templates
config connector kcc
azure arm
google deployement manager

Log Management

kibana log management
beats log management
graylog management
slack log management
fluentd log management

IT Service Management (ITSM)

jira service desk


bamboo log management
jenkins technology
bitbucket technology
circleci technology
sonarqube technology
devops services


gradle build services
maven technology
apache ant technology
npm technology




stack technology
splunk technology
cloud & devops
datadog technology
grafana monitoring
pagerduty technology
pingdom technology


selenium automation services
blazemeter testing
jmeter testing
burpsuite testing
nmap testing


slack communication
jira software
microservices communication
symphony communication
mattermost communication

Frequently Asked Questions

A- Yes, we provide you with guidance at any stage of cloud adoption. We work closely with your team to understand your business needs and goals.
Here are the steps we follow:

  • Assess your existing infrastructure, applications & database
  • Select the most suitable cloud platform & tools for your business
  • Plan your architecture on cloud
  • Create a roadmap for your cloud transformation

Further, we can also help you with our Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Development Services, DevOps Automation Services, and Cloud Optimization Services. In short, you can trust us with everything from planning to execution and optimization.

A- We believe continuous improvement is vital for competitive advantage. We perform cloud assessments and analysis to identify potential issues and ways to achieve better business results using cloud.

    Some of the ways our team can also help you are given below:

  • Optimize cloud to reduce your recurring cloud spending
  • Enhance cloud security to safeguard your business against threats
  • Plan your capacity to maintain high availability and performance

    We would on all possible cloud setups, providing you with the following services:

  • Public Cloud Consulting & Strategy
  • Private Cloud Consulting & Strategy
  • Hybrid Cloud Consulting & Strategy
  • Multi-cloud Consulting & Strategy

Don’t worry. We have ample experience working with geographically distributed teams. In fact, many of our clients are based outside of India, in regions like the USA, UK, ANZ, and UAE. Our mature Agile processes help us stay on the same page as our clients and quickly pivot when required. We leverage the latest tools for communication and project management.

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