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Case Study

Integrated and deployed microservices for upcoming B2B Marketplace Mtaji Capital

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Upcoming B2B marketplace Mtaji Capital was working with multiple partners who were helping them build different microservices. They wanted to integrate these microservices and resolve existing bugs. Gophers Lab enabled them to meet their requirements and further their understanding of the back-end technologies to help them manage their cloud. Mtaji Capital is using the delivered platform as a demo for prospective investors for their project.

About The Customer

Mtaji Capital is a Nigeria-based upcoming B2B marketplace that provides a platform for SMEs to connect with banking organizations directly, view their transaction reports, schedule payments, etc. They are developing a working capital marketplace where SMEs can access funding from participating financiers. The client wants a marketplace that gives SMEs choice and flexibility.

Customer Challenges

Mtaji Capital wanted the product to have Reverse Factoring using a Program structure to include a buyer, a funder/financier/investor, and suppliers supplying the buyer, along with a limit, currency, and pricing.

The client had worked with several partners globally on different microservices for the platform. Mtaji Capital was looking to find solutions for the following challenges in building its marketplace:</p?

  • Resolve the bugs present in the platform and integrate the microservices
  • Manage their cloud servers

Furthermore, the client required a partner to understand the project’s technical aspects better and empower them to run it themselves.

Solution Implemented

Mtaji Capital partnered with Gophers Lab to get their project running on the cloud so they could demo it to their prospective clients. Gophers Lab implemented the following solution for them:

  • Resolved incompatible dependencies, fixed broken packages, and upgraded the Golang version
  • Migrated the codebase to bitBucket
  • Managed database schema according to changed requirements and some incompatible APIs
  • Migrated the application from DigitalOcean cloud to AWS
  • Supported the client’s technical team in understanding the project

Technology Stack

Go, PHP, Rest API, PHP FastCGI


Angular 8






testify, Assert


BitBucket, DigitalOcean Cloud, protobuf, Docker, Ngnix

Business Results

The solution implemented by Gophers Lab delivered the below results for the client:

  • Provided the client with a demo platform for prospective investors for their project, which landed in an engagement with one of the biggest banks in Nigeria
  • Enable Mtaji Capital to have a good understanding of the backend technologies and run their application on AWS Cloud on their own

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Integrated & deployed microservices built by multiple partners to create a demo version of the platform Resolved incompatible dependencies, fixed broken packages, and upgraded the Golang version Helped the client understand the backend technologies and manage their cloud presence

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Download Case Study

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