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Revamped legacy applications for online gaming company A5 Labs to enable newer development

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Online competitive gaming company A5 Labs faced scalability and maintenance issues in its legacy gaming applications. Leveraging its Golang expertise, Gophers Lab helped the client improve their back-end architecture by modularizing it. The solution allowed A5 Labs to maintain, deploy independently, and scale back-end services. As a result, the client could develop new variations of the games to meet the current customer needs and attract more users.

About The Customer

A5 Labs develops and hosts online Poker & other casino games for their customers worldwide. They are pioneers in data, machine learning, and blockchain innovations for the next generation of competitive online games.

Customer Challenges

The customer was facing the following challenges in scaling its legacy gaming applications to meet present-day demands:

  • The back-end services were tightly coupled with other services, which made them difficult to deploy and scale separately
  • Most of the back-end services were hosted in a single git repository, and they all had to be deployed in a single server
  • Any minor bug fixes in a single service required shutting down all back-end services and redeploying all of them

Solution Implemented

Gophers Lab helped the A5 Labs by implementing the following solution:

  • Reorganizing the source code so that its back-end services could be maintained, tested, and deployed separately without bringing down other services
  • Added Open-telemetry to its legacy applications so that these services could be monitored in NewRelic
  • Continuously working on improving the architecture and refactoring legacy applications so that it is modular, easy to scale, and maintain
  • Working on new requirements and developing variations of Poker and other casino games

Technology Stack

Golang, .NET


Cocos Creator


MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic Search, Event Store




TeamCity, Kubernetes, Docker, Docker-Compose, ECR, ECS


Elasticsearch Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana, Pagerduty

Business Results

The solution implemented by Gophers Lab helped A5 Labs achieve the following results:

  • Improved the back-end architecture to make it maintainable and scalable
  • Enabled the development of new variations of Poker games, resulting in more users for the platform

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Reorganized the source code for these apps in a modular way to improve the back-end architecture, making the services independently maintainable, deployable & scalable Enabled development of new variations of Poker games for the customer, attracting more users to its platform Improved logging & monitoring of back-end services by integrating with Open-telemetry/New Relic

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