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Improved user experience and optimized back-end for fintech platform Rain

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Rain is a fintech platform that allows employers to offer their employees early access to their earned wages. The client wanted to improve their user experience, optimize the back-end, and add new features to their platform. Rain partnered with Gophers Lab to improve the signup, reduce API calls, and add a repayment feature on the platform. Rain continues to work with Gophers Lab on a global level.

About The Customer

Rain is a leading fintech platform that provides employers with a benefit that can be offered to their employees to access their earned wages. It helps deliver earned wages before payday, addressing the needs of employees and employers. The platform aims to allow people to regain their freedom by giving them more control over their income and finances.

Headquartered in the USA, the company has expanded to Europe and India. Its clientele includes companies like Walmart and Uber.

Customer Challenges

Rain was looking to make some changes in its existing platform to overcome the following problems:

  • The signup flow required the users to enter a lot of data manually. The client wanted to simplify the process and improve the user experience
  • The user data was decentralized for different microservices; hence, it required a lot of API calls. The client wanted to optimize the back-end and centralize user-specific data into a single source of truth service
  • The employer search for B2C users made a lot of API calls to show results
  • There was no repayment option on the platform

Solution Implemented

Rain partnered with Gophers Lab to leverage its expertise in Go to develop and manage their microservices. They also helped the client improve the user experience by adding new features to the existing application. Below is the solution implemented by Gophers Lab:

  • Revamped signup flow for better user experience by integrating third-party vendor for soft pull credit verification flow
  • Simplified the signup and sign-in process by redirecting to one home screen instead of keeping it as a two-flow process
  • Built a centralized, optimized, and fast GraphQL-powered user data repository service to be accessed by all other microservices
  • Implemented customized debounce/throttling function, which reduces the API calls in a 4:1 ratio
  • Added a repayment feature so that users could make payments on the platform rather than do it via links shared outside the platform

Technology Stack

Go, Rest API, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka




PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis




testify, Assert, Mockery


Gitlab, Jenkins, Docker, ECS, Fastlane

Business Results

The implemented solution delivered the following value for Rain:

  • The third-party data integration to pull user data, single flow signup and sign-in, and repayment feature improved the user experience
  • The centralization of data and reduced API calls helped optimize the back-end and reduce server costs
  • The GraphQL-powered user data repository helped bring more flexibility to the database, wherein data could be accessed as required

Rain continues its partnership with Gophers Lab on a global level to add more features to the platform.

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Simplified the signup process by eliminating manual data entry for users Centralized user data repository and implemented debounce/throttling function to reduce API calls

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