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Case Study

Upgraded Meroxa’s tool ConduitIO to support new data source integrations

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admin on 07 Nov 2022


Meroxa was looking to upgrade its data integration tool ConduitIO. The client wanted to add support for multiple new data source integrations for data streaming. Additionally, they were looking to review and test their data source development SDK and server. Gophers Lab worked with Meroxa to add Google Sheets, Zendesk, and Redis data source integrations with Conduit. They also helped the client meet their data source development SDK and Conduit server requirements.

About The Customer

Meroxa is a real-time Data Platform as a Service designed to empower data teams with the tools they need to build real-time infrastructure in minutes, not months. By reducing complexity and enabling self-service capabilities, Meroxa frees teams to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time focusing on impactful projects.

Customer Challenges

Meroxa has an open-source data integration tool called ConduitIO. It helps developers move data between data infrastructures with ease. Conduit syncs data between production systems using an extensible, event-first experience with minimal dependencies that fit within the existing workflow.

Meroxa was looking to make the following updates to the product:

  • Add support for multiple new data sources integration with Conduit for data streaming
  • Review and test the data source development SDK
  • Review and test the Conduit server

Solution Implemented

Gophers Lab worked with Meroxa to devise and implement the following solution:

  • Designed and implemented the data source connectors for ConduitIO data streaming for three providers, Google Sheets, Zendesk, and Redis (streams and channels)
  • Added Google OAuth token generation script to simplify the integration process for Google Sheets
  • Added detailed README for each data source connector
  • Wrote extensive unit tests
  • Provided suggestions for data source development SDK and Conduit server

Technology Stack



SQLite, Redis


Google Cloud




stretchr/testify, OAuth2


Google Sheets, Zendesk

Business Results

The implemented solution yielded the below results for Meroxa:

  • Three new data source integrations with ConduitIO for data streaming with over 80 percent unit test coverage and extensive README documentation
  • Modular and robust data source development SDK
  • Improved Conduit server

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Added support for three new data source integration with ConduitIO Wrote extensive unit tests for over 80% coverage Helped ensure modular & robust data source development SDK and improved the Conduit server

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