Advantages of Choosing Golang for Development

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As per multiple researches, Golang is getting lots of popularity in startups and enterprises both. For CTO or CIO, it is very important to choose a technology which is scalable and can help in longer run. Each programming language has their own pros and cons, the choice of programming languag totally depends on specific purpose and needs.

Here are top 6 benefits of using Golang for your product development needs:

1) Verified Credentials

Golang adoption is everywhere, be it small startup to any large enterprise. I believe, companies like YouTube, Facebook, Docker and Twitter do lots of research before implementing any technology in their eco system. All of them are using Golang which clearly says that market leaders trust it.

2) Its Open Source Benefit

With the help of open source community, programming languages become more efficient, better and cleaner. Golang being an open source programming language is getting better every day. This means, it will last for many years and could be good choice for your engineering team.

3) Easy to Learn

The core founding team of Golang including Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson & Rob Pike made sure that it should be very easy to learn. The syntax, packages modules are very simple yet efficient. Many developers are learning Golang on their own without any classroom training and certainly getting better jobs and reputation in market.

4) Garbage Collection

Golang has very powerful and efficient Garbage Collector feature. It increase performance and protect leakage of memory. Also, it is very fast and sometime developer might not realize that there is Garbage Collector thread however its performance is awesome.

5) Inbuilt Testing Frameworks

Selecting different testing frameworks for different programming languages is always a tough job for the team. For other languages, testing team is required to learn multiple testing frameworks or we should have multiple test engineers with knowledge on specific testing frameworks. GO comes with inbuilt testing tools, which are very simple and designed to improve performance. These tools can be used multiple type of testing and profiling.

6) Concurrency

This is known to be one of the best benefits of using Golang programming. Most of the programming languages don’t provide concurrency as it is available in Golang. With this feature, multiple processes can run simultaneously without compromising the speed.

Along with multiple advantages, as other languages Go also have few limitations as well however Golang’s core team and open source community is working towards making Golang, a language of future.

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