Without any doubt Go programming makes developers life easier. Companies like Uber, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Google are using Golang programming extensively which clearly shows how good it could be for large implementation. Golang is also being used in many complex DevOps tools including Docker, Vault, Terraform etc. Go is also getting used in many large microservices and multitenant based applications. Its concurrency and easy to cross compile code feature are another advantages to be chosen as language for large implementations.

Gophers has helped many large companies in their Golang app development needs. Our team includes many early adaptors of Golang technology. We set up a cross functional team to ensure timely and bug free delivery. Again, for large implementations, our Golang team is being supported by front end developers, DevOps engineers and testing engineers. In few cases, we work along with other teams working from different locations and in few of the cases, we manage end to end development.

Why Gophers for large implementations using Golang:

  • A large Golang development team
  • Already developed many large & complex Go based applications
  • In-house DevOps and Design expertise
  • Experience in working with large teams located at different places
  • Always updated with latest Golang trends
  • In-house front end development capabilities including Angular, React, Vue.js, React Native etc.

Few benefits of using Golang for your complex engineering:

  • It could compile in a single Binary
  • It provides high speed and accuracy then many other languages
  • It has in-built profiling and testing frameworks
  • Golang is easy to learn so you can increase team size very quickly
  • Works best with DevOps tools
  • Great garbage cleaning feature