In many cases it is a good idea to get product testing done by a different team, not from the team which has done actual coding. Though, Golang has in-built powerful testing library however there are many cool testing strategies which many developers might not be aware off. Few most common Golang testing frameworks are Go standard library, Testify, gocheck, gopwt, go-testdeep, Goblin, GoConvey, Ginkgo, Gomega etc.

Gophers, as a specialized Golang development company has developed and tested multiple Golang applications. Our Golang test engineers work very closely with Golang development team and ensure bug free Golang applications. Our Golang testing services include functional testing, test automation, load testing, performance testing, penetration testing, regression testing etc.

Why Gophers for Golang testing services:

  • Experience in testing large & complex Golang applications
  • A large Golang testing team
  • Hands on with latest testing tools and frameworks
  • Experience in working with external development team
  • A variety of testing services under one roof
  • Reduced cost for testing efforts

Few benefits of using external Golang testing team

  • Access to large Golang test engineers
  • An external eye on code and functionality
  • Faster time to market
  • Improves integration cycle
  • Detailed reports
  • Saves costs