Whether you are expending your technology team or launching your product or services in different country, setting up an offshore development center is an obvious choice. Offshore development center in India is by default a preferred destination for all global companies as India has huge pool of skilled software developers and are available at lower cost. Offshore development center also reduce your dependencies on one team and provides high availability.

Gophers helped many businesses in setting up offshore delivery team. We only charge certain % on top of the cost required to run the center. Our proven experience in working with geographically distributed teams, makes us fully capable in managing your team and ensure the delivery. Your offshore Golang development team also gets support from our other teams and senior members at no cost.

Why Gophers for Offshore Golang Development Center:

  • Already have a large pool of Golang resources
  • Already working with multiple scrums teams located at different countries
  • Time Zone Overlap
  • Flexible costing model
  • Proven matured Agile development practices
  • Well defined training process for freshers and new joiners

Few benefits of setting up Offshore Golang Development Center:

  • Cost saving (Developers salaries & Overhead)
  • Access to large pool of Golang developers
  • Reduces time to market
  • Saves recruitment hustles
  • Saves time to manage PF, Insurance and other governances
  • Doesn’t require very long term commitment with team